This is a great question, and one that most often causes consternation among homeowners wishing to sell their houses. Potential buyers are also challenged by the question of timing, thrown into a tizzy of should I or shouldn’t emotion. Open a paper, access the Internet, or simply have a conversation at the water cooler, and you will find that there is a mountain of bad news circulating the topic of selling a home in the current market. But, I have good news. The chances of selling your home are good.

Anytime is good for selling, if you plan on immediately purchasing a home in the same market. Most people sell to purchase a second home. So, these individuals have a definite advantage. Look at it like this; even if you are selling a home below the market value that it was a year ago, the house you will purchase is also being sold at the same below market value. You will come out okay. It isn’t a popular speculation, but that doesn’t make it less true. Get your mind around the idea, that you can sell your home during an economic downturn.

Micro marketing is valuable to sellers and will increase the selling potential of your home.

Real estate micro marketing concentrates advertising efforts on a specific audience, matching individuals and homes that have certain commonalities. As a micro marketing specialist, I will tailor your marketing campaign to the group of potential buyers who are interested in your home. We will target buyers that are looking for your type of house, in your neighborhood, within the price range that you are asking. Micro marketing narrows the field of houses that are on the market that meet the criteria for which the buyer is searching. The result being that the criterion and your home bisect.

There is something else to also consider. No, one thing will determine if and when your house will sell. The decision doesn’t solely rely on economic predictions. Yes, the economy plays a significant role, but as I’ve indicated in other articles; buyers are heavily influenced by their own personal circumstances. A job change, downsizing, or a personal tragedy, like a divorce, for instance, are all personal circumstances that could have potential buyers ringing your doorbell.

I can help you sell your house in the current market; so don’t give up on the idea.

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