Showcasing your house is basically the definition of home staging.

Staging impacts the buyer, as it makes it easier to visualize your house as their future home. Also, do you know that the average walk-through of a vacant home during an open house is 5 minutes? Five minutes! Staging has been known to increase the number of minutes a potential buyer will peruse your home. Visitors will generally stay on average, 35 minutes longer, in a home that is staged. The longer they stay, the better the chance of a sell.

If you’ve ever taken a tour of a “model” home that a builder sets up to showcase the type of houses in a neighborhood that he is creating, then you’ve got the idea. The model home is a perfect representation of what the potential buyer can expect. The carpets are cleaned to perfection; art, furnishings, and the overall decor are designed to impress the potential buyers. This is your goal, to impress; not simply for the sake of impressing, but with a closing date in mind. Everything you do to create an inviting atmosphere will get you closer to selling your home. Implore the following to get your house on track.

Hire a professional stager

Staging your home is an effective tool for marketing to potential buyers. Consider it an investment. A recent study indicates that home staged before listing will sell 87% faster. Also, on average, 95% of staged homes sell in 11 days or less.

A professional stager will bring results and a return on your initial investment.

Stage strategically

Certain rooms are more important to stage than others. The order of importance is:

living room, kitchen, master bedroom, dining room, bathroom, children’s room, and guestroom.

Front stage the front door

You know the old saying, “You only have one chance to make a first impression.

Well, never is it truer than when selling your home. The front door will make an impression, and it should be a good one. Clean a grimy door, or better yet, paint it a cheery, inviting color. If the hardware on the door is unattractive, or damaged, upgrade with a new doorknob or latch. Little changes can make big impressions.

Front stage the front yard

Please, do not underestimate the power of curb appeal. Potential buyers will judge your house by the way it appears on the outside. If you can’t get them off the curb, you will never sell the house. The landscaping, patio, porch, driveway, etc., should beckon them in. The outside is an important aspect of staging.

Sunshine sells

Eliminate dark rooms. Open curtains to clean, shiny windows and let the sunshine in. A light, airy room feels lighter and is more attractive than a dark and dinghy one. Using artificial light is acceptable staging, and a light colored paint that awakens the room is a home staging technique.

Stage the smell

Okay, this sounds funny I know, but how your house smells could be a turn-off or turn-on to buyers. Pet odor wafting through the house will not be appreciated. Clean carpets, pet beds and Rover before showing the house. Also, orchestrate pleasant smells, like potpourri or baked bread.

Move it out

Unnecessary items that clutter the house are undesirable. It makes the house look smaller, and will indicate to potential buyers, that it isn’t large enough to accommodate what they will move in. It may also convince visitors that the home lacks storage. Keep only what is absolutely necessary and either throw out, or pack up the rest to be taken to a storage facility.

Home staging is advantageous, as potential buyers have a tendency to consider the staged home as having more value. This could mean a higher offer to the seller.

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