Your home’s invaluable; to you. Your roots go down deep and so do your many memories. Unfortunately, home values aren’t based on emotional attachment. Home inspectors and potential buyers don’t take it under consideration that you carried your bride across the threshold, or brought your first baby home to this house. It isn’t a factor. What is a factor are the improvements you might make to bring new life into the home.

How to get started

Speak to a professional. A realtor or a house designer will give your house and property the “once over”.  In a short amount of time they will offer tips on what you can do to improve the home’s value.

Home Improvements

There are a couple of things to remember about making home improvements. If you’re making those improvements to impress buyers, and expect a return on your money, then only renovate the areas that are most important. Some areas of your home will render more return than others.


A reasonable bathroom redo will increase your home’s value, and even small changes in the bathroom will go a long way. For example, pulling out an old dinghy vanity and replacing it with an attractive more modern one will pay off. Potential buyers want functionality and attractiveness. Spiff up the lav with new paint, tile, and fixtures. There is plenty more you can do, and if you are making the renovations for your own enjoyment, then by all means go all out. However, if you’re planning on selling, remember to strike a balance. Do it before the project becomes too elaborate or you may not see a return.


A kitchen renovation will garner a good return in most cases. Like bathroom, there are a number of changes that can be, without going overboard. A total remodel may add a lot of bling, but you might not get back every dime, so upgrade on the items that are more likely to increase the bottom line. A nice deep sink and faucet will be noticeable. Also, if your cabinets are looking a little worn, and you choose not to replace them, and then clean them up well, and consider having them painted. It will give the kitchen a completely new look. Keep in mind that the kitchen is the upgrade with the most return potential.

Master Bedroom

If you prefer not to redo all of the bedrooms, but feel your house has fallen into a design rut, change the way the master bedroom looks and feels. It is as much a matter of “feeling” as it is a place to sleep. A master bedroom should be the owner’s place of sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle of the world. It is a retreat, or so it should be. If the master bedroom is sans bathroom, then adding one will increase value.

Don’t remodel without a plan

Have a good idea of where you’re headed and what you wish to accomplish. Remodeling jobs can easily get out of hand. Speak with a trusted professional who will guide you through the process of adding value through your renovations.  Make a list of renovations that absolutely have to be made, and those that may not be required, but will in the long run add value to your home.

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