The shifting winds of change blow lots of stuff our way, which is why downsizing is such a thing. It is one of the many reasons that people search for new homes. The seasons of life create change. Kids grow up and move away, parents become older, and it often becomes necessary to move from a larger home to a smaller one that is more manageable.  How do you prepare for such changes? You’ve watched the kids grow up in that house, and now the years of collecting memories has turned to a collection of clutter to minimize; but when and where to start.

Most people downsize at retirement, or they may even put it off further down the road. However, downsizing earlier can be advantageous, and here’s how.

Even if your home is completely paid off, downsizing to a smaller house could save money. Retirees live on a fixed income, and anything that can be done to lower expenses will stretch their retirement nest egg. A smaller home and property translates into lower taxes, lower insurance payments, and less money flying out the window for upkeep.

It is as much a question of why, as it is when to downsize. The answer to “why” varies. Perhaps the biggest contributing factor is enormity. The sheer size of a house can drive a homeowner’s decision. Large, empty rooms still have to be managed. Kicking around in an empty house, full of memories can be exhausting. Downsizing will open new doors for creating more memories.

Aging is often cited as a major reason for downsizing. Some homeowners prefer to think ahead to when the choice might be taken from them. They want to make the decision while they are healthy, and mentally capable. It isn’t pleasant to think about losing the capacity to make decisions, or that one day your health could be compromised. But, it is responsible. You retain control of when you will move from your home, and to where.  Your decision also removes the difficult responsibility and the emotional toll the decision would have. if your children were forced to make it for you.


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