Most of us understand the role that advertising plays in the sell of a house. The real estate market is competitive, with a limited number of buyers vying for a large number of homes. Without proper advertising, potential buyers won’t discover your home in the sea of houses that are out there. However, micro marketing pushes advertising a big step forward, and increases the chance of selling your home. In a sense, micro marketing narrows the field, matching the right buyers with the right house.

Selling your home is easier today than it has ever been before and micro marketing is the magic behind the success. Competent, professional realtors utilize the very effective advertising strategy, which focuses attention on a highly targeted audience.

By way of definition, real estate micro marketing, concentrates advertising efforts on a specific audience that have certain commonalities. The realtor then tailors the marketing campaign to that group of potential buyers, those who are more apt to be interested in your home, since they have similar interests and characteristics. The goal is to define the target market. For instance, the price point at which you sell your home, will determine a targeted buyer, according to his or her economic status.

As a real estate micro marketing specialist, it is my job to position your home in such a manner, that a long line forms at the front door. Through getting to know you a bit, and with careful and intense research of the surrounding area’s demographics, I will devise a plan that will segment and reach a significant portion of potential buyers for your home. Using a diverse number of tools, I will define a market of interested parties, broadening the scope of the campaign’s audience.

Defining the market generates leads; cultivating those leads through micro marketing technology, translates into more traffic through your well staged home.

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