Let’s talk for a minute about Calgary. To say that it is a great place to live would be stating the obvious. Anyone who lives here is acquainted with how wonderful it is, and if you’re new to the community you will soon agree. Here we are, at the eastern foothills of the Rocky Mountains where the Bow and Elbow rivers come together, and the urban center is mountain-high.

Calgary is quite large; one of Alberta’s major urban centers.  But, here’s the thing; as large as it is, Calgary has retained its small town appeal. Perhaps that is the reason that the median age of our residents is 36 years. Parents view Calgary as a great place to raise kids, and Calgarians prove them right daily through volunteerism. The national average for volunteerism is 47 percent. Fifty-five percent of Calgary’s citizens volunteer. Amazing.

So, you get the idea. Calgary is a great place to live, and we haven’t even mentioned, its western roots, diverse population, or that we are the financial center of Western Canada. Calgary has the strongest economy in all of Alberta. You get the idea. It is a near paradise, where the sun is almost always shining.

There is plenty of room for newcomers. The right place to live is here. One of our communities will suit your tastes, and meet your needs.  To name a few:

Lake Bonavista With 87 per cent of its population residing in single-family homes, Lake Bonavista has become a mecca for families. In fact, according to the City of Calgary’s 2014 municipal census 80 per cent of the dwellings being built in Lake Bonavista are of the single-family variety. The community’s lack of duplexes and townhomes point to its catering to the single-family buyer. Only 806 of its 10,502 residents (or 20 per cent) live in apartments.

Parkdale  is only a short distance from downtown Calgary. It is a transitional community, in the sense that less than 40% of residents have lived in the same house for five years or more. The town has undergone quite a bit of change. Historically, Parkland is an older community, built at the end of World War II. Today, beautiful infill houses are beginning to dot the Parkdale landscape, interspersed among attractive older homes. It is a family-friendly community with many opportunities to get out and enjoy bike paths and hiking trails.

Altadore is a community that is also family friendly. Sandy Beach and River Park are part of the sprawling Altadore landscape. The community is close to trendy restaurants, and independently owned stores. There are lots of fun things to do in Altadore. It has been the home of the Marda Gras and Marda Loop Justice Film Festival. Battalion Park is less than a half hour from Altadore. Altadore was named one of Canada’s best neighborhoods by the publication, “Avenue”.

Britannia was settled in the 1900’s. Like so many of Calgary’s communities, Britannia has a significant. The community got its name from its colonial heritage. The community is home to several oil wells, as oil and gas are major industries. The community has right around 1700 residents- so not too big, and not too small.

There are a number of attractions in the area. History buffs are attracted to Britannia, as several places from the early 1900’s are still standing.

Eagle Ridge is a small but lovely community in the southwest area of Calgary. The last census indicated that a little more than 400 people populated Eagle Ridge. Established in 1960 the exclusive neighborhood is bordered by Heritage Park and Historical Village and the Rockyview General Hospital. Eagle Ridge has an elevation of 1085 m. (3560 ft.)

Mount Royal is made up of Upper and Lower Mount Royal. Both are in the Elbow River valley. Beautiful estate homes make up the landscape of Upper Mount Royal. Homes vary by age. Some are as old as 100 years and others are quite new. At one time the area was recognized as “American Hill”; this due to the influx of American immigrants. Even today Americans still make up a little less than 30% of Mount Royal’s population.

Pump Hill is a nearby neighborhood to Mount Royal, located in the southwest portion of Calgary. The population of the community at the last census was over 1800. It was developed in the late 60’s. Two years ago Pump Hill had a population o 1851. Pump Hill received the “Best Overall” award from the publication, “Avenue”.

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