It really is very simple. I am equipped to sell your home, and that is not something that everyone can do. I am a professional, credentialed, and certified realtor, with many years working in our community. I know the area, and am educated on its challenges and also how it has evolved through the years. As a native Calgarian, I am positioned to assist clients that are new to the area, and also to those who are looking for a change in their current circumstances. I am intimately acquainted with the neighborhoods and the market.

I am not so naive as to believe that I am the only realtor that meets the criterion above. But, what I do know is that no other realtor will work as hard for you, as I will. Professionally speaking, and as a micromarketing specialist, realty is my passion. I am passionate about finding you the right home for your needs. I am passionate about assisting you in reaching your goals, about selling your house, or getting you into your dream home. I will utilize everything at my disposal to help you in the process.

Selling or buying a home, or moving into a new neighborhood can be nerve wracking. It is overwhelming and though you may be able to take it all on and complete the process, why would you? I have already mapped out the steps for success and will guide you through them. Based on our conversation, I will complete research and analysis and come back to you with reasonable and potential solutions to your particular circumstance. If you are selling your home, I will drive traffic to your front door, direct you on how to stage your home for a successful open house, find the neighborhood that fits your needs, and so much more.

Purchasing a home is more than just acquiring property. It is your life, and because it is personal to you, if is personal to me. Without being overly invasive, I get to know my clients. I become intimately acquainted with everything there is to know about what you want in a new home. In order for me to research and find the home of your dreams, I will identify what they are. Following a personal consultation I understand the nature of what you want in a home, and will customize the search to your unique needs.  Sure, like every good realtor, I utilize Multiple Listing Service. But, MLS is only a tool that matches square footage, number of rooms, cost, etc.

Personalized, individual assistance is what clients need, and that is what I provide to anyone in the market for purchasing a new home.

There is much to consider when buying or selling your home; and truthfully, there are probably things you don’t even know, that you don’t know. That’s normal. It’s not the client’s task to know. But, it is mine. I will eliminate the guesswork on your part without eliminating your input. I work for you.



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